What is the Ropen of Umboi Island? Leonard of Opai Village, Umboi Island, told two America cryptozoologists, in 2004, that the ropen flies over Opai about once a month, lighting up the village with its light.  Orang-Bati Flying Creature of the Night Ahool of Indonesia Ropen Photo by Whitcomb  Photo by Whitcomb  American cryptozoology author Jonathan Whitcomb believes the ropen of Umboi is related to the “Gitmo Pterosaur” of Cuba.  A Giant Bioluminescent Flying Creature? On Umboi Island, Mount Barik is one of the mountains where the ropen may sleep in the day, for this flying cryptid is nocturnal. Gideon Koro, of Umboi Island, was one of seven boys who encountered the huge ropen one day as it flew over a crater lake: a terrifiying ordeal for Gideon. (Image from his first videotaped interview ~1994) Sketch by eyewitness Eskin C. Kuhn  James Blume, a missionary in Papua New Guinea, has interviewed dozens of natives regarding the giant pterosaur-like animals. A lady describes how the glowing ropen flew over Lab Lab Village (Umboi Island, PNG), one night. (Interview by Carl Baugh, about 1994) The cryptozoologist explorer Paul Nation, on his 2002 expedition on Umboi Island, PNG Image courtesy of Nathanael Nation Image courtesy of Jonathan Whitcomb From the cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America (Acknowledgements section) Whitcomb says: To the eyewitnesses who’ve bravely come forward, telling us of apparent living pterosaurs, I dedicate this book. They deserve to be heard. Several Americans have investigated reports of what natives of Umboi Island call “ropen,” including three pioneers. Jim Blume, a missionary in Papua New Guinea for decades, interviewed dozens of native eyewitnesses of pterosaur-like creatures. Carl Baugh led the first three expeditions, pre- paring the way for the rest of us to follow. Paul Nation, in four expeditions, searched in two areas of PNG, contracting serious infections twice. Just weeks after my 2004 expedition on Umboi Island, the cryptozoologists Garth Guessman and David Woetzel inter- viewed Umboi native eyewitnesses with systematic interview forms . . . Woetzel and I later wrote separate scientific papers, in a peer-reviewed journal, about our experiences in Papua New Guinea and about pterosaurs in human times. We appreciate the support from our families and from our friends here and abroad. Garth Guessman (left) interviewed the World War II veteran Duane Hodgkinson (right) in 2005, in Livingston, Montana. In 1944, just west of Finschhafen, on the mainland of New Guinea, Hodgkinson and an army buddy witnessed a giant flying creature take off from a jungle clearing. Its wingspan was nearly 30 feet and its tail about at least 10-15 feet long. The creature had no feathers. Guessman, Whitcomb, and other American cryptozoologists believe it was a ropen.